Why Bitkub Blockchain Technology?

Leading Blockchain Technology Company

From developer tools to enterprise solutions, Bitkub Chain provides infrastructure for a new economic system.

Blockchain Expertise

Our team has founded two successful blockchain-based businesses and will help you to build your own success story.

secure data
Secure Data Systems

We are passionate about keeping your sensitive information a secret.

Customized Solutions

All businesses are different - and so are your blockchain needs. We will work with you and tailor to your needs.

Mission & Vision

  • We collaborate to create the best solutions and only focus on what is workable
  • We create a fun work environment that brings about contagious positive desire to make things happen.
  • We believe that the secret to growth is helping others grow.
  • We are always positive about the future and have unwavering certainty to get there.
  • We share information efficiently to improve work collaboration and productivity.
  • We strongly believe that at the end of the day we all have one goal: improve.
  • We practice mutual respect and active listening.
  • We talk to people directly about issues like family and resolve it with an open mind.
  • We make ideas happen and not afraid to take responsibility.
  • We believe that everything can always be improved.
  • We take all situations as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • We optimize for growth and improvements.
  • We believe that working smarter not harder will reach our goal.
  • We always look for ways to automate work processes and improve efficiency.
  • We believe that the true value of ideas lies in how we put these ideas into action.
  • We always prioritize quality over quantity.

The Experts Team


Passakorn Pannok

Chief Executive Officer and Acting Chief Technology Officer

Passakorn Pannok

Chief Executive Officer and Acting Chief Technology Officer

Niorn Kiatdamrong

Chief Operating Officer

Niorn Kiatdamrong

Chief Operating Officer

Siraphop Jantaraopas

Senior Marketing Manager

Siraphop Jantaraopas

Senior Marketing Manager

Samret Wajanasathian

Technology Advisor

Samret Wajanasathian

Technology Advisor

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